• PDF Invoice Pro

PDF Invoice will be automatically generated and sent upon order confirmation or on specific order status. The customer can also download in his user account, and the admin orders section. You can customize finely the invoice to match your specific needs.



- Fix undefined index footer


- Sort product options alphabetically

- Fix some notices


- Compatibility with background mail queue

- New column to display attributes

- Updated dutch language file

- Fix undefined variable order_id when enabling auto generate invoice number on some OC versions


- Added {order_history} tag

- Added new option in custom blocks to not display the content in a panel


- Fix error appearing with some specific custom fields

- Change default address order to put company on top

- Fix images not loading on substore on some servers

- New option to choose a template for each customer group

- New option to auto update order date when generating invoice number

- Compatibility with xpayment

- Improved compatibility with custom modules

- Detect if payment/shipping method is image, and display it if tag is complete

- Journal 3 theme patch

- Fix undefined custom_field_model in some case in multistore context


- Fix undefined name in custom blocks selector

- Fix undefined variable temp_pdf

- Fix error message when using some order entry systems

- Fix error on return history

- Add option to select packing slip thumb size

- Barcode/QRCode column now available also for invoice

- Storno invoice

- Edit invoice number on OC3


- Better handling of date format

- Fix order number manager compatibility


- Add custom field handling in address format

- Added swedish translation

- Add price to return form

- Fix force language on OC 2.3


- Fix issue when generating pdf on PHP 7.1

- Fix pdf buttons not appearing on some OC versions

- Fix watermark not appearing on some servers


- Fix image display on some specific configuration

- Fix {total_words} tag not working on OC 2.3+

- Fix undefined display_errors


- Fix missing icons on oc 2.0


- Fix file option not correctly displayed

- Compatibility with PHP 7.1

- Fix instruction message not displayed in pdf


- Fix issue with force language on oc 2.3

- Compatibility with fastor themes on OC 3

- Fix language not loaded on OC 3


- Sort custom fields based on their sort order

- Fix undefined index order


- Fix syntax error on order list

- Align right column headers in model 3


- Compatibility with OC 3.x

- Removed email copy for admin (cause too many incompatibilities)

- Fix missing vouchers in pdf

Additional Information
Version: 3.2.2
OC Compatibility: 1.5.6.x
Last update: November 2020

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PDF Invoice Pro - v3.2.2

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