• NotifyWhenAvailable - Notify me when a product is back in stock

NotifyWhenAvailable notifies interested customers when the product that is currently out of stock is going to be available again. The module makes it easy for you to keep customers up to date for the products that they want to purchase but are out of stock. Also this is a great tool for pre-sale of products.

Main Features:

✯ Scheduled tasks. You can use cron to send emails to the customers who are waiting for out-of-stock products.
✯ Archive list available
✯ Change name of the "Add to Cart" button to "Notify Me" in all product grids
✯ Option to choose whether to notify the customer
✯ Waiting list counter in the OpenCart admin notifications area
✯ Export separately the waiting listing and the notified clients
✯ Display most wanted products in the statistics section
✯ Customize out-of-stock pop-up and back-in-stock notifications
✯ Waiting/Archived list easy moderation
✯ Full multi-lingual support
✯ Display NotifyWhenAvailable on any page
✯ Beautiful back-end administration


NotifyWhenAvailable 3.8.16


- Bug fix: Fix undefined index notifywhenavailable when edit product.

- Bug fix: product option out of stock compatibility.

- Bug fix: Journal3 mobile sticky header and scrollable layouts.

NotifyWhenAvailable 3.8.15


- Improvement: OpenCart compatibility

NotifyWhenAvailable 3.8.14


- New feature: Added CAPTCHA spam protection to the NotifyWhenAvailable form

- Bug fix: Move input inside admin product edit form

- Bug fix: Database table collation

- Bug fix: Admin view customer are multiplied by the number of the languages

- Bug fix: Admin view archive are multiplied by the number of the languages

- Bug fix: Send mail when product available/back in stock are multiplied by the number of the languages

- Bug fix: Notify Button label always uses the default language

NotifyWhenAvailable 3.8.13


- Bug fix: SMTP mail engine

- Bug fix: Fix showing of the NWA button when the module is disabled

- Improvement: Add comment box and remove duplicate NWA JS files

- Improvement: Change the button color through css

NotifyWhenAvailable 3.8.12


- Bug fix: Fix the count of the emails sent via CRON in a multi-language store

- Improved Journal3 compatibility

NotifyWhenAvailable 3.8.11


- Improvement: ProductManager compatibility

- Improvement: Journal3 compatibility

NotifyWhenAvailable 3.8.10


- Bug fix: Broken link in admin mail

NotifyWhenAvailable 3.8.9


- Improvement: GDPR compliance compatibility

NotifyWhenAvailable 3.8.8


- Improvement: Option to replace Add to cart button or add new the Notify Me button

- Bug fix: Additional check for empty options array when exporting to CSV

NotifyWhenAvailable 3.8.7


- Bug fix: Fixed the update procedures in the installation script

- Bug fix: The form popup is now positioned correctly on desktop browsers and large screen devices

- Bug fix: The store switcher widget in the module settings is now position correctly in the OC 2.0-2.2 version

- Improvement: The scheduled CRON job now accepts an additional parameter to help compatibility with 3rd party modules that force HTTPS redirects when the site is accessed through HTTP

NotifyWhenAvailable 3.8.6


- Bug fix: Can not close the form when opened on iOS - iOS 11 Modal inputs bug

- Bug fix: Restoring the add to cart button when toggling between in and out of stock options

- Bug fix: Brought back enabling buttons that are disabled by the theme when the product is out of stock

- Bug fix: Fix for disabled button

- Improvement: Improvements to the event which adds the hidden input field in the admin product form

- Improvement: Better compatibility with out of stock options

- Improvement: 3rd party theme compatibility improvements

- Improvement: Positioning of the NWA form on mobile devices

NotifyWhenAvailable 3.8.5


- Bug fix: The module now correctly replaces the add to cart buttons on pages that contain frequently updated content like timers and countdowns

- Improvement: 3rd party theme compatibility improvements

NotifyWhenAvailable 3.8.4


- Bug fix: Checking for unset stock status ID before using it

- Improvement: Compatibility with 3rd party extensions that disable the add to cart button

NotifyWhenAvailable 3.8.3


- Bug fix: Do not allow duplicate entries for the same email + product combination

NotifyWhenAvailable 3.8.2


- Bug fix: Multistore setups now send out emails from the correct store's email address

- Bug fix: Saving a product linked to multiple stores no longer causes an error if the module's settings for one of those stores have not been setup

NotifyWhenAvailable 3.8.1


- Bug fix: Customers are now not notified if a product option they were not interested in is stocked

- Bug fix: Pages that have both PreOrder and NotifyWhenAvailable enabled products now show both correctly

Additional Information
Version: 1.7.2 + 2.8.17 + 3.8.16
OC Compatibility: 1.5.6.x
Last update: April 2021

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NotifyWhenAvailable - v3.8.16

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