• iProductVideo - Add Video to Product Images

iProductVideo is a light plug-and-play video module that allows you to add YouTube and Vimeo videos to your product images, so that when an image is clicked, the video pops up in an inline window.

Main Features:

✯ HTML5 Compatible Videos
✯ Add YouTube/Vimeo Videos to Product Images
✯ Attach videos to main product images
✯ Use video thumbnail
✯ Plug-and-play integration with products
✯ Suitable solution for product video demos, reviews and trials.
✯ vQmod/OCMOD is required


iProductVideo 5.4.1

    - Improvement: OpenCart compatibility

    - Bug fix: Journal 3 product main image change

iProductVideo 5.4.0

    - Improvement: Only generate thumbnail for selected video

    - Improvement: Save scan video listing folder per timely request

    - Improvement: Progress bar on populate video list after upload and delete (prevent accidental click or save)

    - Improvement: Check video thumbnail cache before generate

    - Bug fix: Fail to generate local video thumbnail due the browser autoplay policy

    - Bug fix: Journal 3 video on quickview

    - Bug fix: Journal 3 product template syntax change

    - Bug fix: Module assets minify issue on Journal 3

iProductVideo 5.3.2

    - Improvement: Journal 3 compatibility

iProductVideo 5.3.1

    - Improvement: Chrome autoplay policy

    - Improvement: New Option to use youtube-nocookie.com

    - Improvement: Auto assigned product when add new video based on filtered product

    - Improvement: Local video auto preload

    - Improvement: Update lightbox video plugin

    - Improvement: Add info '%' is autocomplete wildcard

    - Bug fix: Folder permission issue on installation

iProductVideo 5.3

    - Security improvements

iProductVideo 5.2

    - OpenCart 3.0.x compatibility bug fixes

Additional Information
Version: 4.2.0 + 5.4.1
OC Compatibility: 2.1.x
Last update: October 2020

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iProductVideo - v5.4.1

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