• FakeMailDetector Identify fake and invalid emails

Fake emails, the now famous 10-minute emails, out-of-date emails and incorrect emails can cause multiple issues for every store owner. FakeMailDetector scans your customer emails and detects the invalid emails via a 5-step genuine email verification.

The 5-step verification:
Step 1: Email format match
Step 2: Fake email service detect (e.g. 10minutemail.com)
Step 3: Check if domain exists
Step 4: Check if customer mail server exists
Step 5: Check if customer mail server responds that such email address exists

With FakeMailDetector you can keep your subscriber lists clean and up-to-date. According to MailChimp, StreamSend and ConstantContact, keeping your client’s email lists up-to-date is one of the most essential things an email marketer can do. Find out more about the module’s features below.

Main Features:

✯ Scans and detects fake and no-longer-valid client emails: Custom built iSenseLabs algorithm that goes through all your emails and segments the fake and outdated emails from the valid emails.
✯ Omit unverified mails from email newsletters: Minimize bouncing emails by ruling out the fake and outdated emails.
✯ Disable guest checkout for unverified mails: Customers who are using a marked email will be able to check out only as registered users
✯ Prompts an email address change for a customer with invalid email: Customers who are using a marked email will be asked to login as registered users and update their account details
✯ Edit/verify or delete invalid emails: Once you have performed a full OpenCart users scan, the admin is able to edit, mark as valid or delete customers


FakeMailDetector 3.2


    - Improvement: Added Journal3 Compatibility

FakeMailDetector 3.1


    - Improvement: OpenCart 3.0.x compatibility

FakeMailDetector 2.1


    - New feature: Include the ability to resume a stopped verification process

Additional Information
Version: 2.1.1 + 3.2.0
OC Compatibility: 2.1.x
Last update: March 2021

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FakeMailDetector - v3.2.0

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