New extension – OrderPro – v3.7.9

Allows you to perform almost any action with the order:1. Create/edit/copy orders.2. To change the price/quantity/options/discounts in the goods.3. Add/remove items in the order.3. To change […]

Custom Product Tabs PRO – v2.5.6

v2.5.6 (15/09/2020) [OpenCart Versions: 3.0+]——————————————————————————– Fixed: Conflict with Custom Image Titles extension go to product page

Extension Update – Complete SEO Package – v5.3.0

v5.3.0 New feature: Auto-Links New option to choose where to display the seo h1, h2, h3 go to product page

New Extension – ADV Sales Report – v4.4

go to product page

Extension Update – Advanced Professional Email Templates – v3.1.0.89

A complete solution for creating your own professional Open Cart emails on your store. Manage everything from how your emails look, easily changing the content and […]

Extension Update – Nitro Pack Cache – v3.5.18

NitroPack 3.5.18NOTE: Final version. No further versions will be released. For more information, check here: https://isenselabs.com/products/view/nitropack-complete-webstore-performance-optimization-framework– Improvement: Added checks for URL filenames so that we don’t […]

Extension Update – Excel Port – v3.1.1

ExcelPort 3.1.1 (OpenCart 3.x)– Improvement: OpenCart compatibility– Bug fix: Issue with download template file ExcelPort 3.1.0 (OpenCart 3.x)– New feature: Export/ Import of catalog Downloads– […]

Extension Update – Easy Newsletter Subscription – v3.1.0

EasyNewsletterSubscription 3.1 (OpenCart 3.x)– New feature: Added CAPTCHA spam protection to the EasyNewsletterSubscription form.– New feature: Combine OpenCart Customer Newsletter Subscribers, Journal3 Newsletter Subscribers, Journal2 Newsletter […]

Extension Update – DiscountOnNextPurchase – v3.2.7

DiscountOnNextPurchase 3.2.7 Improvement: OpenCart compatibility go to product page