• BrowserSupportCheck - Insure against obsolete browsers

BrowserSupportCheck is a simple to use essential addition to any OpenCart store owners, running a modern e-commerce store. Now you can easily insure your beautiful e-commerce web store against old and obsolete browser experience. Users with unsupported browsers will be redirected to the unsupported browser page. You can easily set unsupported browser versions.

Main Features

✯ Choose browser(s) name and version that you do not support
✯ Customize redirection message
✯ Easy 1 click browser update
✯ Perfect module for websites that do not run well on Internet Explorer (or other old browsers)
✯ Straight-forward installation and setup, simply copy/paste the files to your OpenCart installation
✯ Multi-lingual
✯ MultiStore Support


BrowserSupportCheck 3.0.1


- Bug Fix: Description typo in setting info

- Bug Fix: Minor issue with the license

BrowserSupportCheck 3.0


- Fully compatible with OpenCart 3.0.x

BrowserSupportCheck 2.1


- Fully compatible with OpenCart 2.0.1.x

BrowserSupportCheck 2.0


- Fully compatible with OpenCart 2.0

- Using OCMod as rewriting engine

- Multistore support

- All versions from now on will be compatible with OpenCart 2.0+ only.

- Bug Fixes

BrowserSupportCheck v.1.5


- Fixed bug in module layout positioning

BrowserSupportCheck v.1.4


- Added Bootstrap

- Bug Fixes

BrowserSupportCheck v.1.3


- Added multilingual support for the "Not supported browser message"

- Add support for JavaScript based check

- Updated browser versions

- The "Continue anyway" button leads to the page where the customer was prompted with the message instead of returning him to the homepage

BrowserSupportCheck v.1.2


- Added �Continue Anyway� Button which allows visitors to check out your website even if their browser is not supported.

- Added �Browsing time with unsupported browser� setting.

BrowserSupportCheck v.1.1


- Added support for multistore

- Fixed a bug with the "Disabled" status

- Fixed a bug with the Layout setting after save

Additional Information
Version: 2.2.3 + 3.0.1
OC Compatibility: 2.1.x
Last update: June 2020

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BrowserSupportCheck - v3.0.1

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